Video: Shadow In the Cracks Full Gonerfest ’15 Live Set


Think “Blind Shake” but with shadows in their cracks…

By Fred Mills & Tim Hinely

Fug yeah we like Goner Recs and Gonerfest – what kinda music site do you think you’re surfing, anyway? So when we are alerted to any thing Goner related we haven’t yet checked out, we dive right in — such as this complete live set by Shadow In the Cracks at the 2015 Gonerfest. You will dig:

Who is SITC, you ask? Shadow In The Cracks is Jim and Mike Blaha, from Minneapolis guitar assault team The Blind Shake, along with their skins-pounding buddy Dave Roper. To date TBS has released two albums, Breakfast of Failures (Goner) and Fly Right (Slovenly) as well as appearing in the 2011 film Hey Hey What as Michael Yonkers’ backing combo. So now they are releasing the long-playing debut from SITC, Credit, via Goner, which is described as conjuring “a thickened Spacemen 3 or a far more menacing circa-90s Brian Jonestown Massacre minus the silly-ass rhetoric, and there’s more than a touch of the World Beat (Your Ass) sound of (cohesive) Sun City Girls.

Well, all right then! Can’t wait.

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