Video: Radiohead Unveils New LP Material Live in Amsterdam


Let’s all blurtblip this moment for all posterity…

By Barbi Martinez

Still pumping on that full head of steam they built up with the sneak-release of A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead rocked the Heineken Hall in Amsterdam tonight with an opening salvo of new album tracks, Old faves and other fresh material followed, and according to the interwebs, ecstatic fans were tweeting, ‘gramming, ‘snapping and in general posting their ecstasy.

(Silly wabbit – nobody merely posts these days – you have to have a catchy-sounding platform. I submit: blurtblip, for those times you want to say something, start to say it, think better of it, but still somehow emit something that manages to convey your feelings, whether or not you intended to overshare to that degree or not.)

Here’s a fan video of some of the Amsterdam merriment.

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