Video Premiere: Tucson’s Sun Bones

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Song taken from the group’s outstanding new self-titled record.

By Blurt Staff

Earlier this week we posted Eric Swedlund’s interview with Tucson’s acclaimed indierockers Sun Bones, and as Dr. Swedlund is our man on da ground in the Old Pueblo, he knows of what he writes: “There’s an ambitious formula behind the music of Sun Bones: art-punk flair, pristine four-part harmonies, imaginative song structures and poppy melodicism.”

Indeed. The group’s Sun Bones record, released in May, already yielded a neon-drenched video for the track “Ersilia,” and now we are stoked to unveil for the BLURT readers a second, exclusive video. They have the peppiest bit of fatalism 2015 has seen yet; the clip is for “You’re Gonna Die.” Check it out:

Directed by Charles A. Brown, the video features bassist-singer Bob Hanshaw as a deranged preacher and the band performing and dancing with a dinosaur in a steel-walled warehouse, a bizarre sort of scorpion roasting ritual around a campfire and ultimately leading a bunch of dancing zombies through the desert to a mass die-in in the street.

“It’s something that I’d wanted to do for a long time, write an extremely cheerful pop song about mortality,” Hanshaw says. “I was in a space for a while about coming to terms with that in the most absurdist, existential way. Death is just pretty ridiculous. I just wanted to make it really lighthearted because if you don’t face death with humor then at least according to the song and how I felt at the time, you’re kind of screwing yourself.”

Sun Bones performs, incidentally, tonight (July 8) at The Mint in Los Angeles, followed by San Francisco 7/10 and Berkeley 7/11. Full list of tour dates at the official Sun Bones website.


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