Video Premiere: Talkie – “Sueñatron”


Key track from the band’s forthcoming double LP, Hablas, out next week.

By Blurt Staff

San Francisco rockers Talkie meditated upon things and decided the time was finally right to release their new album Hablas – and upon consulting with their guru, also determined that the karmic forces were good for the unveiling of their new video for album track “Sueñatron.” As we here at BLURT have always been loath to tempt the forces of fate, we are eager to help with said unveiling. Check it out:

Commenting on the track, the band explained, “We drove from San Francisco to and through the desert to Salvation Mountain, with the sole purpose of shooting the cover for our new album. On our way home, we ended up taking a major detour to shoot some B-roll video of one of us eating a turkey leg on the Storybook ride in Disneyland—because Disneyland. The lyrical content of “Sueñatron” seemed to clash with the visuals of the ride, so we thought it would be a great idea to put them together.”

Well, all right then! The album—all 60 minutes of it—will hit the bins on March 4 via Slospeak Records/Milkcarton Media Group. Meditate on that, punters.

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