Video Premiere: Steve Poltz “Born In a Band”


Something about Donald Trump, too….

By Blurt Staff

One imagines that anyone associated with gonzo-rockers The Rugburns would have at least a couple of screws loose—lucky for us, Steve Poltz keeps his tool belt strapped on firm. This is, after all, a guy who, according to Wikipedia, “is known to name his various guitars. They include Smokey Joe, which he saved from being destroyed, Clackety-Clack, Flowerpot, and Trailer-Trash.”

Um, yeah. So we are just charged up about the guy’s kickass new song, “Born In a Band.” Need we mention we are positively revved up to be able to unveil the video for the track? Check it out:

The song was written by Poltz and his Nashville neighbor Scot Sax, the video itself being directed by Sax. According to Poltz, “I’m havin’ this crazy burst of spontaneous creativity since movin’ to Nashville. I’ve been writin’ and co-writin’ and comin’ up with heaps of songs. I wrote this one with Scot. He has a little studio in his garage. So we recorded it and then he said, ‘Let’s shoot a video!’
“I said, ‘oh heck yes.’
“He said, ‘whaddya wanna do?’
“I said ‘ummm. I’ll go to the market and get a buncha stuff and you guys just throw it in my face and I’ll keep singin’.’
“Next thing ya know we were scrubbin’ the walls and cleanin’ up the mess we made. Then Scot Sax put it all together. Here it is. Turn it up loud. I love it here!”

Well, Sax can say goodbye to that deposit he put down on his place when he rented it, but the rest of us can enjoy the colorful fruits of the pair’s labor. Incidentally, Poltz has another video that’s a must-see. The title tells you all you need to know: “Hey God I’ll Trade You Donald Trump For Leonard Cohen.”

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