Video Premiere: stephaniesĭd “Love Is the New Black”


“Love wins over fear”: North Carolina outfit’s recent album continues to generate acclaim.

By Blurt Staff

Asheville indie rockers (and “pop noir” provacateurs) stephaniesĭd released their latest album Excavator not long ago via the esteemed Mint 400 label, generating mucho critical acclaim and charming the pants off their fanbase in the process. Now we can charm the pants off the BLURT readership as well: we’re honored to unveil the band’s new video for album track “Love Is the New Black.”

Notes lead vocalist/keyboardist Stephanie Morgan, “The song is about a person who struggles with love.  She wants to be open and connective with other people, but she feels fear of being too vulnerable.  Ultimately, this is a song about love winning over fear. No one is perfect at love, and that’s the beauty!  Humanness.”

Comprising core members Morgan, her husband Chuck Lichtenberger (keyboard and vocals) and Tim Haney (drums), plus any number of fellow musicians when the time is right and the project calls for it (including live performances; the album itself features guitar, bass, horns and strings), stephaniesĭd has been around since 2001, releasing four long-players and an EP prior to this new one. Point of fact, we even featured the band back in 2009 as part of our “Best Kept Secret” series spotlighting some of our favorite under-the-radar and unsigned indie acts. Regular BLURT contributor Bill Kopp also recently sang the praises of the group and the new album, likening them to a cross between Polyphonic Spree, Radiohead, Ben Folds Five and Astrud & Joao Gilberto:”Imagine a bunch of players with the chops to play jazz, but with a healthy appreciation for the pop song format.  Taut, expert playing that doesn’t betray a hey-look-at-me attitude.”

And no less a media giant than Billboard chimed in, noting the sound is “driven by Morgan’s one-of-a-kind voice… effortlessly poetic letters from an alert, compassionate friend.  Morgan has access to deep feelings…. Her voice changes from girlish to womanly, delicate to bold, as the songs move from intimate to anthemic.”

The group is playing TONIGHT in Columbia, SC, with additional dates coming up in December—go to their website and check out the schedule.

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