Video Premiere: Station’s “All You Need is a Heartbeat”

The glam-slam of a “perfect summer single” is taken from forthcoming full-length.

By Blurt Staff

Between the sleazy back alleys of hair metal and the squeaky clean streets of power pop lies a path travelled by only an intrepid few. Candy, Starz, the immortal Enuff Z’Nuff – bands that wanted a little more power to their pop, but not so much that it replaced melodic sparkle with sneering attitude. Artists that still shoot for that target are hard to find, which is what makes Station so refreshing. On its latest single “All You Need is a Heartbeat,” the NYC quartet fashions an anthem more about singing along than pumping your fist, without stinting on rock & roll swagger.

“This song has been in the works for a long time,” explains guitarist Chris Lane. “It was actually written when we filmed our very first music video and it’s about the experience of doing so. We’ve loved the song for a while and were excited to finally get into the studio and record it!”

“All You Need is a Heartbeat” is not only a teaser for the band’s forthcoming LP on Rhyme & Reason Records, but a perfect summer single, with lots of snap, plenty of heart and hooks out the ying-yang. Check out the premiere of the video below.

Station’s next show is at New York’s Gramercy Theater on August 24. Ticket info is available here.

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