Video Premiere: Soul/Blues Virtuoso Bette Stuy

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The real deal, period.

By Blurt Staff

You know, there is sweet—we get a lot of sweet music addressed to the BLURT council block, needless to say—and then there is suh-weeeeet. Such is the case with the new album from Bette Stuy (say it out loud), aka the “Queen of Neo Blues,” titled Introducing Bette Stuy: This is Neo Blues. The album name is both teaser and instructional, but rather than dither over semantics, let us instead get an up close ‘n’ personal dose via her Lars Jakobsen-directed video for “Black Dog Blues,” an exclusive for our readers:

The Backstory: The Brooklyn singer-songwriter performed at the 12th Annual Boogie Woogie Festival in Brussels in 2012, the following year also at the Blues Kitchen in London and Blues Sklep in Prague and getting featured live on the Rob Stenders Show in the Netherlands and touring with girl-group Soul Patrol throughout Canada. Most notably, she has collaborated with music icon Ray Charles, and toured with soca legend Arrow, performing his classics such as “Hot Hot Hot.” Most recently she played Brooklyn’s 9th Annual Big Eyed Blues Festival as well as Harlem’s Silvana and The Shrine.

She’s also an inductee in the New York Blues Hall of Fame (2012), and is currently working with Job Path, a NYC non-profit organization, assisting the autistic music community in transforming poetry into original recordings.


This is what we like to say, in the rock ‘n’ roll parlance, the real deal. The album will find her touring steadily, so needless to say, you can find details on the web:




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