Video Premiere: San Fran’s Grannies

grannies 2

Rhymes with “trannies,” eh? From their new album, which is on Saustex so be very, very afraid…

By Uncle Blurt

Whattaya get when you cross an outrageous and provocative Austin punk rock label with an outrageous and provocative San Francisco punk rock band? Why, something ballsier than both, of course! Ballsier being the keyword here: it’s the title of the Grannies’ new album for Saustex Media, and the followup to 2011’s notorious cross-dressing orgy For Those About to Forget to Rock. The group features former members of Ain’t (SF), Black Furies (SF), Hollow Heyday (Boston) and Hullabaloo (Boston), so how the hell they wound up on Austin’s Saustex is a mystery to yer ol’ uncle here, but since they apparently have “some dirt” on me and threaten to “unlock my closet” to let that dirt come tumbling out if I don’t premiere a video for them, well… the songtitle says it all: “The Corner of Fuck and You”:

A bit of backstory: “The Grannies story began on a hot July night in 1999, as five grown men dressed as old ladies crossed 11th St in San Francisco and hit the stage at the Paradise Lounge. 15 years, 8 Jack Endino-produced albums, 3 European tours, more than a few beer soaked house dresses, some delighted fans and some not-so delighted soundmen…

“These five are mild-mannered career and family men by day, occupying jobs ranging taxi driver to architect that allow them to don nothing but the latest in thrift store fashion on stage, ‘looking like a dystopian nightmare vision of glam’ (—Ken Shimamoto, The Stash Dauber). ‘This bunch of moldy old punk rockers, whose history consists chiefly of dressing up like old ladies, getting fucked up and fucking things up while decent folk look on in horror are a definite must see’ (—San Francisco Bay Guardian).

Got all that? Okay, let’s go get dressed and head to the club. I’ve got a new frock that I’ve been itchin’ to show off…

Tour Dates

Saturday February 28: San Francisco, Benders Noise Pop Afternoon Happy Hour

Friday March 6: Oakland, Golden Bull

Saturday March 14: San Francisco, The Knockout  (Afternoon Show)

Thursday April 23: New York, Bowery Electric

Friday, April 24: Somerville, MA, Cuisine en Locale

Saturday, April 25: Portland, ME, Empire

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