Video Premiere: Rod Melançon “Lights of Carencro”


Track from his acclaimed new EP.

By Blurt Staff

If you’re a music lover, the phrase “I can’t wait for the new album” is almost a cliché at this point. Luckily, though, we have no clichés to utter about Rod Melançon. True, the rocker – “Ragin’ Cajun” to you, pal! – has a new album that’s not due until the fall. But he’s also got a brand new EP, LA 14 that will grab your attention and keep it. The EP dropped in late April via Blue Elan. And we are privileged to unveil a video for the track “Lights of Carencro”:

Said Rod, about the song and the clip, “The song is inspired by the death of my namesake and the events that followed. He was my uncle. Director Christopher Good came up with the concept. I feel like this video once again proves that Chris is a strong force in the indie filmmaking world. He’s not afraid to take risk. This is our second video together and we are shooting two more in August.”

Rod, based in LA but a true southern Louisiana native, as evidenced by the Cajun stylings that inform his music, worked with produce (and ex-Dwight Yoakam bandmember) Brian Whelan. The title, in fact, doesn’t refer to the City of Angels, but to Louisiana State Highway 14, which traverses sundry swamps and parishes. Rod suggests that the record has a redemption theme, and indeed, it’s a damned inspiring collection of roots, rock, soul and more.

A poorly kept secret is that you can download the EP for free right HERE – it’ll just cost you an email addy. Dude will be touring, too, natch. Go to his official website for deets.

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