Video Premiere: Have Some “Oatmeal” With NJ’s Stuyvesant


Theyhad us at breakfast—right when we were listening to the killer new rec. Let’s go start some fires.

By Blurt Staff

This is a good ‘un: we have been digging the new album from Jersey power pop stompers Stuyvesant for several weeks now, and it finally dropped into rekkird bins last week. Titled Shmyvesant, it’s the first release for NJ’s Sugarblast Music Company, founded by Al Crisafulli of Dromedary Records.  The new single “Oatmeal Song” features a video that celebrates the legendary, late-but-great venue Maxwells, where they played many times over the years; it was shot in June 2013. Eat it up today at Blurt in our exclusive premiere:

The video was directed by B. Musikoff and shot on June 26, 2013, by Michael Markowski, with subsequent assembling and finessing by Bill Hamilton of Beel Media.

The backstory: Stuyvesant is Sean Adams – guitar, vocals; Ralph Malanga- guitar, vocals; Brian Musikoff –bass; and Pete Martinez – drums. They lifted their name from the liquor store where Adams worked growing up in the Journal Square section of Jersey City.  Having a deep pedigree in NYC/NJ indie rock and creds that read like a who’s who of college rock, (Malanga, Adams and Musikoff were staples on the ‘90s Hoboken scene), the members of the band left their former groups at the advent of the 2000s and created a band to continue the pursuit of perfect power riffage, rousing choruses, and impassioned vocals.  They released their first EP, “Quit More Often” in 2005, followed by 2008’s “Linden Calling“, the 2010 EP “Jihad Me At Hello” and the 2011 release “Fret Sounds“.

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