Video Premiere: New Rocco DeLuca


Tune from recently released Dan Lanois-produced LP.

By Blurt Staff

Songwriter/rocker Rocco DeLuca’s selt-titled album dropped last month via 429 Records, prompting our reviewer to enthuse, “Rocco Deluca is a fiercely independent purveyor of an unlikely motif. ‘Fierce,’ meaning that his music seizes the senses in what often comes across like an aural assault. ‘Independent,’ in the sense that his style is like no other. Comparisons fall short when describing Deluca’s general MO, an eerie mishmash of rumbling tempos and wailing melodies… Forlorn but fascinating, Rocco Deluca is an uncommon achievement.”

We previously premiered a track, “Free,” from the album, so now it’s time to unveil a new video for the BLURT readership. Produced, as was the rest of the album, by Mr. Daniel Lanois, it’s titled “Colors of the Cold” – check it out:

Explains DeLuca, “Troy Critchlow, Davey Cooperwasser, Scarlet Kapella, Dave Frey, Johnathan Wright, and Daniel Lanois; the hills, the valleys, and all the modest strength that lives inside every thriving yellow flower made part one of our psych-dream-film. As the spirit of truth once said, “This is not a competition, it’s a cooperation!

“Bless Blind Willie Johnson!”

Amen to that, brutha!




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