Video Premiere: Matt Bauer “What the White Book”

Matt Bauer

Face time: the acclaimed singer/songwriter’s new video finds mystery in changing expressions.


Matt Bauer’s music has always been a balance of the real and the surreal, with plain spoken Americana sounds like banjo, guitar and close harmonies embellishing lurid gothic narratives.  His latest album, Dream’s End (check out his Bandcamp page), issued by Crossbill, explores a mythic southern landscape in close detail, capturing the look and feel of an imagined territory with line-drawn precision. Perfect proof can be found in his new video for the dreamy album track “What the White Book,” and we are very pleased and honored to be able to premiere it for the BLURT readership:

Directed by Bauer himself, it’s no surprise that the video hones in on the specifics, spending most of its time focusing on two faces, a woman and a child, whose subtle shifts in expressions suggest but do not make explicit moods, thoughts and maybe even a fleeting narrative.  The track itself is similarly reticent, its melody insinuating and tantalizingly almost-familiar.  California songwriter Emily Jane White is on hand for soft vocal harmonies, but the song, like the video, remains spare, illusive and just out of reach.  The white book, it seems, talks barely above a whisper.

In the BLURT review of Dream’s End, our Senior Editor Jennifer Kelly observed, “Lusher and more complicated than Bauer’s previous effort, it’s a strange one, populated by mythical creatures and unspoken dangers, with his powers of observation as sharp and naturalistic as ever.”

Bauer CD

Incidentally, go HERE to view Bauer’s previous video, “I Am Trying to Disappear.”

Photo Credit: Helena Price

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