Video Premiere: L.A.’s Two Tens

The Two Tens Band Photo Credit-OlyKaz

Styxx ‘n’ Bones will never hurt you, but they sure will leave your ears ringing for a few days…

By Blurt Staff

Who is that masked man? Okay, so there’s two of ‘em, neither is masked, and only one is male. But they call themselves Adam Bones and Rikki Styxx, so we’ve got a right to ask ‘cos those are a couple of the most rock ‘n’ roll names currently going. The L.A. duo is closing in on the final installment of a four-part EP series, and with Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 having caused quite the critical and fan buzz, we’re damn psyched to be able to unveil an exclusive for BLURT readers. Culled from Volume 4 – available on the band’s site——starting today, July 14, it’s titled “Watching Me” so check it out:

The duo originally were in Adam Bones and Wooly Bandits, guitar and drums respectively. As Two Tens, though, they’ve apparently found their calling and have been compared to everyone from Ramones to White Stripes to sundry Nuggets combos. Have they got it going on, or what? As Styxx herself notes, “Who are the real Adam Bones and Rikki Styxx? Styxx and Bones clones everywhere!”


The band will be announcing tour dates soon, but you Cali punters can go ahead and mark your calendars for July 18 (Glass House, Pomona), Sept. 26 (Rainbow Lagoon Park, Long Beach) and Nov. 13 (Pomona again, with none other than The Misfits). More details on the web at

Photo Credit: OlyKaz