Video Premiere: Jigsaw Seen’s “Let There Be Reverb”

Jigsaw Seen

And the Lord looked down upon all he had created, and pronounced, “Let there be reverb – more cowbell!”

 By Blurt Staff

As we are fans of the estimable and ever-erudite pop maestros known as the Jigsaw Seen, we are feeling our erudite-ness upping considerably by the opp to unveil for you, gentle BLURT-ers, this new video from the group. It’s titled “Let There Be Reverb” and it’ll knock the tattoos off’a your collective chests. It hails from the kickass new album Old Man Reverb. Dig:

The Jigsaw Seen is one of LA best kept secrets. Formed in 1988 by Dennis Davison and Jonathan Lea, They released their debut album in 1990. Zenith‘ what many consider their masterpiece, came out in 2000.  Three well received recent albums, Bananas Foster in 2010, ‘Winterland‘ and 2011 and ‘Gifted’ in 2012 have shown it was no fluke. 2013 was a busy year for The Jigsaw Seen as they became Dave Davies of The Kinks backing band, touring the US and Europe. The band offers the following, about the new album and video:

“Let There Be Reverb” is the opening number from The Jigsaw Seen’s new album, Old Man Reverb. The video that accompanies the song consists of friends and fans of the band playing cowbell along with the track. The editing is sequenced in chronological order of the ages of the participants, starting with a newborn baby and ending with a senior citizen. Is there meaning in this concept? Is it meant as a companion to Pete Seeger and Lee Hays’ “The Hammer Song” with the cowbell standing in for the hammer and the bell? Is it a tribute to Will Ferrell? Is the cowbell the true instrument of “everyman”, that even a small child can get a sound from on the first try? Give it a spin and judge for yourself.

Well, all right then! We are, as the saying goes, quite chuffed!

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