Video Premiere: Indie Legends The Black Watch


Title track to their latest, greatest album. “Like the Soft Boys in a fight with the Velvet Underground” —Austin Chronicle

By Blurt Staff

Anybody’s who’s paid even a smidgen of attention to the indie rock world over the past couple of decades knows the band The Black Watch, who have issued scores of uniformly excellent records over the years. Go HERE to read a review of 2011’s Led Zeppelin Five and HERE for one of 2013’s The End of When—the latter sings the praises of leader (and literary professor) John Andrew Frederick and the group’s “instantly appealing trademark jangle… channeling Frederick’s trademark romantic frustration into ridiculously accessible music.”

The L.A. combo’s most recent release is Sugarplum Fairy, issued in February by Pop Culture Press and they also just completed a national tour. Now we are stoked to be able to premiere their new video for the title track exclusively for YOU, gentle readers. Dig it:

The band currently does not have any tour dates — Frederick indicates the just-completed one brought out “so many old fans and DJs,” as one would expect for a group of that lengthy tenure — but if you are in the Los Angeles area and spot their name on the bill, definitely queue up for tickets, pronto.

Frederick, incidentally, in addition to the indie rock milieu is also known in the literary world and not just because he teaches. He’s a published author several times over, including 2013’s hilarious novel about the early ‘90s music world, The King Of Good Intentions, which we also reviewed, calling Frederick “a knowing narrator…The world he describes — a habitat for wannabes, weirdos, manic musicians, psycho neighbors, unrepentant bitches and people both pompous and pretentious — is inbred in L.A., but probably familiar to most, especially those whose dreams of glory are barely beyond the initial nightmare stages.” Frederick has the follow-up to that book due out in early September bearing the conciser-than-concise title The King of Good Intentions II: The Continuing and Really Rather Quite Hilarious Misadventures of an Indie Rock Band Called The Weird Sisters. With a handle like that, how can we not be looking forward to it! Stay tuned….


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