Video Premiere: Floating Children “Hive Mind”

Glam-bam-thank-you-Ma’am! You’ll be ditching social media and reverting to real-world activities soon, thanks to the band and the surreal video’s creator. (Photos credit: Emma Esser)

By Blurt Staff

North Carolina musical institution The Floating Children take their “dancing tribe” on a surreal journey in the new animated video for current single, “Hive Mind.” Created by NC State College of Design professor Greg Carter, the video follows avatars of band members as they navigate the weird world of social media, ultimately re-discovering the bonding and uplifting power of music. The song itself also captures  the Floating Children performance aesthetic – building to a chanted crescendo, it piles crunchy guitars, a theremin, swelling harmonies, a toy piano, and more into what the band rightly calls “a mountain of ear candy.”

“It’s a bit like ‘Yellow Submarine’ re-booted for our new, digital age of human exploration,” says Carter (pictured here).

He’s not kidding – you half expect a pack of Blue Meanies to pop out of the frame at some point. We’re pretty stoked to be able to share the video with the BLURT audience, so check it out below:

Hive Mind – Black Hat mix from Greg Carter on Vimeo.

“We didn’t just go to town on this production, we went to the Emerald City by way of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory,” says Floating Children lead singer Billy Warden. “The glitter and glee of our shows are all over these grooves.”

Sums up guitarist Jeffo Holshouser: “‘Hive Mind’ is our glam band grand slam.”

The song was produced by Michael Graziano and Artem Smirnov at Raleigh’s Thread Audio studios, and the band subsequently discovered Carter’s animated art at Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum. They note that at that point they knew they “had their man – he could bring it to life with appropriate ‘zip and zow.'”

Fittingly, the Floating Children unveiled “Hive Mind” with a surreal “happening” at Raleigh’s leading downtown gallery, ArtSpace. The spectacle included:

  • The national anthem performed by Micah Gaugh on his famed double sax

  • Mister Rogers readings in character by Raleigh attorney Gene Davis

  • The percussion stylings of Bongo John

  • An appropriately antic set by the band which was crashed by a man in a gorilla suit

From “Hive Mind”:

“Can’t put your phone down?
Come to our gig in your town
You won’t need a code
Just let your joy explode …
Come on, expand your hive mind”

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