Video Premiere: Emily Hubley’s New Animated dB’s Clip


Guarantee: no yachts, blow dryers or supermodels were harmed in the making of this clip!

By Fred Mills

Yo La Tengo devotees certainly know the name Emily Hubley — she’s Georgia Hubley’s sister. Non-rock types might also recall that she’s an acclaimed animator and filmmaker (The Toe Tactic, which just happens to feature Yo La Tengo’s music on the soundtrack). But back at the dawn of time—that would be the early ‘80s—Hubley also created one of the only videos for pop savants The dB’s, for their track “Big Brown Eyes.” The animated clip was noteworthy for the looming MTV era in that it didn’t feature a bunch of blow-dried Brits lounging around on yachts and snogging supermodels, and it has long been a beloved fixture on the vintage BLURT VHS player.

Now Hubley has essentially returned to the well with a new animated video for the deebs: “Write Back,” from their 2012 Falling Off The Sky album (Bar/None Records). Needless to say we are chuffed as hell to unveil it for you, the discriminating BLURT reader. Get those VHS and BetaMax recorders humming and then check it out. It’ll charm you right off that desert island and into the arms of a significant other….

What the heck, let’s rewind to ’82 and watch the “Big Brown Eyes” vid too! Meanwhile, go HERE to read our 2012 interview with the dB’s.

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