Video Premiere: Churchwood’s “Cain”


Snout mask replica alert! Key track from the Austin band’s recently released album.

By Blurt Staff

The album’s called Churchwood 3: Trickgnosis, and no, we aren’t sure what a “trickgnosis” is. What we ARE sure of is that the album kicks holy blooze skronkin’ ass, and that it an obvious musical byproduct of that “what’s-in-the-Austin-water” syndrome. Churchwood’s the name, and fuggin’ you up is the game of these longtime vets of the Austin scene. Ergo, we have a swank new video from the combo and their label Saustex Media to unveil. Say hello to “Cain”:

As Saustex advises us, the band made the film noir inspired piece with photographer Victoria Renard. It’s “a cautionary tale about what happens when you get between the constabulary and their donuts.”

How do we love Churchwood? Let us count thee ways. As noted in our recent review of the album, “Not since Dr. John commenced his night trippin’ has there been a set of voodoo-blooze rawk quite so brilliantly primal as the third platter from Austin’s Churchwood… The C-wood display their agility at inhabiting multiple genres (sometimes several at once) and ability to shift gears at the flick of an unfiltered butt. It was no coincidence that Churchwood was invited to perform at BLURT’s annual SXSW day party this year as well as last year; we generally prefer to have different artists each year so as not to appear to be playing favorites, but were so blown away in 2013 that it was almost a foregone conclusion we had to see ‘em a second time.”

We’re BLURT, and we approve of that message. More info: and

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