Video Premiere: Cait Brennan “Bad At Apologies”

Track appears on songwriter’s third album, out this week, April 21.

By Blurt Staff

Indie rocker Cait Brennan got soul—so naturally she went to Memphis, to the ever-estimable Ardent Studios, to cut her third album, which she subsequently titled Third. Yeah, we know, we know—cheeky of her. But it’s appropriate, as Brennan and her collaborator Fernando Perdomo brewed up a cheeky blend as well, combining straight-up pop rock and edgy R&B befitting of the record’s origins. It’s released April 21 on Omnivore Recordings and we’re rather pleased to unveil a new video for the BLURT readership, album track “Bad at Apologies.” Check it out:

Explains Brennan, of the tune, “‘Bad At Apologies’ was the second song we recorded on our first day at Ardent. Fernando and I had basically just walked through the doors of this space that is so sacred to both of us, where so many of the records that changed both our lives had been made, and then Jody Stephens came in and said hi and gave us this amazingly encouraging talk. [Engineer] Adam Hill rolled in the actual Big Star Mellotron, and Alex Chilton’s Hi-Watt amp, and Chris Bell’s cherry red Gibson, and then we had to get to work like this was just another day at the office.

“I used to take pains to tell people all the songs were fictional, but it’s ridiculous, of course they’re not, and nobody else’s are either. This pretty much happened as written, and was intended as an actual apology until I very quickly realized it sounded like anything but, which is why it’s called what it’s called. When I sing “yeah, I’m the asshole who stile your boyfriend” it’s not me being proud of myself, I felt really bad about it despite the rationalizations that follow. Love makes you do crazy things, as Lindsey and Stevie can tell you. Many of the songs on the album are about the relationship that ensued, so you can tell how that all worked out. “It’s all fodder for more songs” as the line goes.”

The record includes the talents of no less than Memphis stalwart (and Big Star pal) Van Duren and Robert Mache from the Continental Drifters, with multiinstrumentalist Perdomo handling the lion’s share of the playing and Brennan weighing in instrumentally as well while serving up expressive lead vox and plenty of harmonies (she’s got a four-octave voice). Brennan, from Los Angeles by way of Phoenix, is transgender with experience in acting and journalism, but was eventually coaxed back into music, releasing her first album in 2012. A chance meeting with Big Star drummer Jody Stephens at Ardent during a Grammy Museum celebration of the facility’s 50th anniversary led to an invitation to record there, and the rest is history.

Brennan will have an album release show this weekend, and on May 9 she’ll do a special show in Memphis featuring Jody Stephens, Adam Hill, Van Duren, Vicki Loveland, Candace Mache and more. Full details at her website:


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