Video Premiere: Brother Dege Rock Doc

Brother Dege3

Captures the Louisiana slide guitarist in full flight on the road with his band.

By Fred Mills

I’ve gone on record as saying I’m a pretty big fan of Southern Louisiana’s Brother Dege, going all the way back to his band Santeria and extending through last year’s masterful solo album How to Kill a Horse, about which I went on record as saying, “Comparisons can be made to the likes of Chris Whitley, J.J. Grey & Mofro, Rocco DeLuca and Rainer Ptacek, most obviously due to Dege’s prominent wielding of resonator guitar, its twinned atmospheric-yet-earthy qualities signifying mystery and spirits alongside elegance and conviction. Too, his vocals, part bluesman’s haunted howl and part folkie’s reassuring croon, convey a remarkable range of emotions that perfectly suit his character-driven tales.”

He’s been touring with his band Brother Dege & the Brethren constantly since the release of that album, and along the way he decided to document those travels. The result is the road documentary Set It Off and we’re damn pleased to unveil it for you here at BLURT:

Dege describes the film as “a love letter to our time in the van and the band together. I didn’t want to hire some fancy film crew to come follow us around and film us in RED HD or some shit and make us look and sound like a tame, well-rehearsed indie rock band. That shit is boring. I’m into the rough, unpredictable, unhinged side of rock & roll…where people cut loose, freak out, and fuck up, but capture an energy that can’t be quantified. Perfect performances are overrated. People have been conditioned to this gridded, TV star-maker side of performance that sucks the unprocessed life and edge out of bands.”

He’s 100% right on that count. It’s a terrific rock doc, and we’ve seen plenty of ‘em in our time.

Dege sums things up, saying Set It Off is about the beauty of the journey and us sharing that with each other and the audience. In some ways, it’s not even about music.”

The band plays a special hometown gig next week – details on that and more shows at the band’s Facebook page.



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