Video Premiere: Austin’s Pong Celebrates Their “Electronic Friend”

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Track taken from awesome new album Gone.

 By Blurt Staff

Austin upstarts Pong, featuring ex-pats from the late, great, demented and thoroughly rocking Ed Hall (known back in the day as a “psychedelic grunge” outfit before anyone even knew what that term meant), recently delivered a new album entitled Gone via the ever-erudite Saustex. Label impresario Jeff Smith, also of the mighty Hickoids, hipped us to the band, and around the BLURT dugout, when a Hickoid speaks, dangit, we stand up and pay attention.

So Pong’s fourth album includes standout track “Electronic Friend” and now we have a video to go with it, so we’re psyched as motherfuckers to be able to show it to YOU the discriminating BLURT viewership. Dig:

The band’s Shane Shelton—singer, synth player and videographer—outlined some of the details on the video, noting, “The song is about my relationship with an iPad I won in a video contest.  I recorded and edited the entire video for ‘Electronic Friend’ on the same iPad the song is about.  The video budget was low, but that fit well with our band’s interest in the idea of retrofuturism.  I play a Moog synthesizer made in collaboration with the Realistic company in the ‘70s.  The serial number was written on the back in black magic marker.  That’s how retrofuturistic it is.  And it still sounds amazing.

“My crew for the shoot consisted of my friends Cisco Gilliland, Sandra Calderon, and Tom Zeigler.  They were awesome.  And obviously the rest of the band are in it.  I think they did pretty okay too.”

Shelton added, about Gone, “It seems to take us four years to make each record, no matter what method we use.  We’re not sure why.  Our previous records are Killer Lifestyle, Bubble City, and Escobarb.  We are quite happy with the latest record, regardless of how long it took.”

We are quite happy too… The band got started in the late ‘90s after Ed Hall wound down, featuring guitarist Gary Chester, drummer Lyman Hardy, and bassist Larry Strub, who joined forces with guitarist Jason Craig and keyboardist Shelton. They describe their sound as the collective vision of “ass-shaking punk rockers rediscovering their inner groove, reveling in the mix of electronics, punk, post-punk, hip hop, and humor….classic rock convention with a side of rave histrionics for a post-rock world.”

PONG-GONE for mp3

Well, all right then! In 2012 they released a live album and added singer Kerri Atwood. Along the way they’d become fixtures on the regional scene and even managed to add the name “Michael Nesmith” to their C.V. by performing live on his interactive concert site Videoranch in its first ever use as a mobile concert unit.

Here’s more Pong on the web:




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