Video Premiere: Austin Indie The Painted Redstarts


It is clearly a DNA thing, we know you understand… New music drops August 5 via Playing In Traffic.

By Blurt Staff

The rock ‘n’ roll lineage angle is always an easy one to work when you’re a journalist; it’s likely that Sean Lennon, currently on tour with Beck, is only now starting to get press that doesn’t mention…. Paul McCartney! (Just kidding.) In truth, though, while being part of a musical family can pose the proverbial “expectation issues,” in our experience as seasoned rock critics, we’ve found that being from Austin might even be a higher bar one must hit (given the wealth of talent in that fair city) than being the child of an already-prominent musician. That may or may not make for a double whammy for William Harries Graham, son of Austin legend Jon Dee Graham, but what the hell: it also makes for instant interest on our part. And we are damn psyched to submit this new video from the younger Graham’s band the Painted Redstarts for your approval, as we suspect your interest will be piqued, then sustained. Wait, did we mention that the Graham is joined by another member of an Austin musical dynasty, one Marlon Sexton, son of Charlie Sexton?

It’s titled “Curtains Wide.” Check it out:

“Curtains Wide” by The Painted Redstarts from Geoff Marslett on Vimeo.


Some background: The band is currently the Deli Artist of the Month, while Graham showcased at this year’s International Folk Alliance, with the Austin Chronicle’s Kevin Curtain calling him the “voice of his generation.” Additionally, music writer Doug Freeman calls the band “ambassadors to the next generation that’s already making waves in river city.” For the video, director Geoff Marslett made shot entirely on cameras from 1984 to capture the vibe of the heyday years of MTV. Marslett, a film professor at the University of Texas is best known for his films for Mars (2010), Loves Her Gun (2013) and Bubblecraft (2006).

You definitely gonna hear more from these cats, and you definitely will hear more from BLURT about these cats, too. Color us impressed, Austin style.



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