Video Premiere: Arrica Rose’s “The Shallow End”

Arrica Rose by Brooke Nipar

From her new album released this month.

 By Blurt Staff

Arrica Rose & the …’s (pronounced “The Dot Dot Dots”) latest full-length release, Wavefunction, dropped Nov 4th on pOprOck records. We’re big fans of Rose here at BLURT—go HERE to read a review of her previous record, last year’s Lucky, which wound up on our top 50 list of albums for 2013; and HERE for a review of 2011’s Let Alone Sea—so it’s an honor to unveil her new video for the song “The Shallow End.” It’s a spookysexycool slice of jukebox noir that will haunt your waking hours:

Produced by Daniel Garcia at Radio Hill Recorders, Wavefunction draws inspiration from timeless records, many of them made long ago. The songs hint at Dream Pop, Vintage Rock, and Americana, all dressed up in Rose’s sultry vocals and shimmering soundscapes of Andrews Sisters-esque harmonies, strings, horns, keys, and pretty noise. And though the album may be enjoyed sequentially and digitally, this collection of tracks was originally designed for vinyl. Each side of the record has a distinct mood and there is no particular side where the story begins or ends. “We think of it as music for different occasions,” explains Rose, “a choose your own adventure kind of album.”

“This album became very much about duality,” she continues. “And about perspective – its hold on us, the endless possibilities of how different our lives might be if we shifted our frame of mind. Also, because we do love the concept of an album, we wanted to really utilize the vinyl format and encourage listening to a collection of songs. It was important to us though, that the tracks could stand alone as well.”





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