Video Premiere: “Anyway” by Chris Stamey

Chris Stamey new

Song originally appeared on his latest album Lovesick Blues which is, of course, quite the eloquent and elegant affair.

 By Blurt Staff

 It’s no secret that we here at BLURT are huge fans and supporters of North Carolina’s Chris Stamey—hey, support the home team! This means in all his guises, too, from his work with The dB’s to his solo undertakings to his 5-star collaborations over the years (raise your hands, Golden Palominos fans) to his impeccable production work. The staff just put our heads together and estimated that we collectively have approximately 1,000,000 hours’ time spent digging the man’s output. What’s that old saying? 1,000,000 fans can’t be wrong…. But we digress.

 Very honored to debut this video for his Lovesick Blues (Yep Roc) track “Anyway,” so check it out:

Here’s some background info: Stamey’s song “Anyway” was somewhat inspired by the flute and keyboards textures of the British band Traffic. So when it came time to make a video of same, the filmmakers (Chris and his daughter Julia) followed “sixties rules,” imagining that someone from the record label had shown up unexpectedly with a Super-8 at a country cottage in Wales where the Reclusive Artiste was begrudgingly coaxed away from Total Creative Isolation to mime the track once or twice in bucolic surroundings. Then it was off to Blighty to add Exciting and Magical Effects in post using projection techniques on top of ultraviolet film. Although in point of fact this was all Just a Dream–the video was actually shot behind Modern Recording in Chapel Hill, without cows, and then expertly and creatively edited together by the talented Shay Stifelman at CreatoDestructo.

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