Video: Listen to New Single from Swervedriver


Much-loved noize-pop/shoegaze Brit band returns to the record bins after 15-year absence.

 By Blurt Staff

 Aside from some key reissues of classic albums, Britain’s Swervedriver hasn’t had any physical offerings to fans in, er, some time—this despite resuming occasional touring operations not long ago. (Co-founder Adam Franklin has been pretty busy on his own, however, including this recent release.) But the group did submit a 7” during their 2013 summer tour, and now “Deep Wound” b/w “Dub Wound” is more widely available at iTunes and Bandcamp. Meanwhile, listen to the A-side right here for your listening pleasure:

Not bad, lads. Hey, is that Ride’s Mark Gardener guesting? Looking forward to the reported full-length in 2014.

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