Video: King Khan Kovers Lana Del Rey (…not!)


Do the khan-a sutra, ladies…

 By Blurt Staff

 King Khan & the Shrines are back and this time they have concocted an epic video for the title track “Born To Die” taken from their Merge debut, Idle No More.

In April, King Khan & the Shrines embark on a massive tour including Europe and North America. Don´t miss this rare chance to wail, testify, and celebrate with the Maharaja of Soul. And meanwhile, check out our recent interview with the King right here.

Says Khan, about the video: “I was really inspired by this story i once read about Marie Laveau, the legendary voodoo priestess of New Orleans,” explains King Khan. “They say that she was asked to help with a court case where an innocent Creole man was falsely accused for something and was supposed to be sentenced to death. She stood outside of the courtroom every day and put some very hot chili’s in her mouth and held them there for the entire time the court was in session for days, with tears rolling down her face constantly. The man was set free. I wanted to show Louis the 14th ordering modern executions to show folks that things have really not changed much. The powers that be are still these royal families that call all the shots. I still believe there is a ray of hope that comes from some mysterious spiritual place. Ultimately, I wanted to pay tribute to Alejandro Jodorowsky who is one of my spiritual gurus and one of the greatest film makers of all time.”

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