Video: Jon Langford Reads “A Bloodshot Christmas”

Jon Langford

Visions of drunk Mekons danced in our heads….

 By Blurt Staff

 The powers that be are calling it “the Bloodshot holiday TV special” and that ain’t too far off. It’s a fireside reading of soon-to-beholiday classic “‘Twas a Bloodshot Christmas,” read by Bloodshot mainstay Jon Langford, of whom we here at BLURT hold in high regard, not the least reason being for his annual curation of our day party at Ginger Man Pub in Austin each year during SXSW.

The details: In the epic poem, Jon, who is the main character and hero, has an opportunity to save Christmas alongside a mysterious Santa Claus-like character after a meticulous plan goes awry. Supporting characters in the story include Bloodshot artists such as Cory Branan, Lydia Loveless, and Scott H. Biram.

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