Video: Jack White Interviewed by Charlie Rose


Even white men can get, er, talk about The Blues.

 By Fred Mills

 It’s not as cool as taking a ribbing from Colbert, but definitely way cooler than appearing on the Conan or Leno shows: that would be sitting for an interview with Charlie Rose, who once upon a time landed a key interview with Bruce Springsteen and subsequently set the gold standard for TV chats with musicians.

 Jack White is the latest notch on Rose’s bedpost (or maybe Rose is the notch on White’s bedpost, depending on whether you are a journalist or a musician), and the other night the two discussed White’s recent Third Man release The Rise And Fall Of Paramount Records 1917-1932, Volume 1, that uber-lavish box set of classic early blues. White genuinely comes alive during the interview, similar to how animated he was at points during the It Might Get Loud film with Jimmy Page and The Edge. Check it out:

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