Video Flashback: The dB’s “Living A Lie” (1982)


Boasting one of the earliest-known examples of rick-rolling…

 By Fred Mills

 It’s no secret we’re big dB’s fans around here at BLURT; we’ve reviewed them, interviewed them, and even hosted them at our annual SXSW day party. So naturally, when someone sends us a dB’s related link, we gotta share it. Below watch an absolutely jaw-dropping (in more than one way) promotional video for the song “Living A Lie,” taken from the band’s 1982 album Repercussion. The song itself is terrific, and the video is eminently watchable even though there are a few, er, elements that probably “seemed like a good idea at the time”—like that little Rick Astley dance Peter Holsapple does midway through, and the way the green screen technology employed in the video isn’t quite simpatico with Will Rigby’s Hawaiian short. But hey, it’s 1982! Watch the clip, below.

Commenting on Facebook, Holsapple seemed stunned: “We made this with some film students in New York, and honestly, I don’t think anyone knew it had even been completed. This is a total shock to me, to say the very least. ‘Who’s the girl?’ She was brought in to film the video, we ‘made out’ for the camera (not really though) and she was outta there. Again, I have no idea who that might be; perhaps she’ll recognize herself and ‘fess up.”

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