Video: Andy Shernoff Updates Blondie’s “Dreaming” as “Streaming”


It’s the next big thing!

By Uncle Blurt

Yer ol’ Uncle has enough years on him to not only remember “record stores” before the era of digital downloads and streaming, I also pogo’d with unashamed glee back in the day to my Dictators and Blondie records. So it’s pretty great to be able to listen to this recently released track from ex-Dictators dude Adny, er, ANDY Shernoff; titled “Streaming,” it’s a remake of Blondie classic “Dreaming” but with new digital-era-appropriate lyrics sung by Tricia Scotti. Check it out, and whether or not your thing is vinyl, CD, MP3 or even friggin’ 8-track, prepare to have your Blondie-lobes excited.

As Shernoff professes, citing the immediacy and convenience of digital life, “I’ve been a professional musician and songwriter for over 40 years. I live and breathe music. I also own thousands of albums and CD’s … but they sit in my closet because… I prefer to STREAM MUSIC!!!!”

Incidentally, watch for our interview with Shernoff, coming soon….

Photo Credit: Doug Ciarelli

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