Video: Andy Shernoff & Lydia Lunch’s Meanest Breakup Song… Ever!

Andy Lydica

“A whiny bitch and a dick like me,” indeed…

By Blurt Staff

While both Andy Shernoff (Dictators) and Lydia Lunch have both been found in regular rotation on the Blurt jukebox at various points, it doesn’t appear that they have ever been in the same rotation, much less back to back. So now we’ve got a chance to rectify that with this frankly awesome video for “A Good Night To Say Goodbye.” It is billed as “the most venomous and acrimonious breakup song ever,” and that’s a pretty fair billing indeed. Check it out below, but send the kids to bed first, all you parents out there.

Shernoff’s former band will see its classic 1975 debut Go Girl Crazy! reissued as a 40th anniversary deluxe package by Sony this fall, while Lunch is currently out on tour with her band Retrovirus.


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