Vex Ruffin Drops Cassette-only Album

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By Blurt Staff
With Same Thing Tomorrow, just out on Stones Throw, Vex Ruffin offers more of his signature infectious but minimal sound. This cassette-only release of ten new, understated tracks – culled from more than 300 songs Ruffin submitted to Stones Throw Records head Peanut Butter Wolf over the past year – is an intimate showcase of the prolific Chino resident’s songwriting, displaying his eclectic range of influences, from early New Order and Peter Murphy to the Jungle Brothers. Check out the track “Same Thing Tomorrow”:

Vex Ruffin – Same Thing Tomorrow by Stones Throw Records
Ruffin’s song “Take It” was recently featured on HBO’s Girls and the feature film Lola Versus. Coming up is the “Space Tom Test” single, from the forthcoming Ruffin/James Pants collaboration, as well as the “Living For the Future” single. Next spring will see his debut full-length.
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EP, issued last December.
Side A
1.     “I Focus (Born To Be Vex)”
2.     “Do It Big”
3.     “Release”
4.     “Flaming Torch”
5.     “Same Thing Tomorrow”

Side B
1.     “Dark Room”
2.     “Roll With The Punches”
3.     “I Can’t Seem To Find It”
4.     “Zoo (Part 2)”
5.     “It’s In My Soul”

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