Velvet Underground Beats the Boots w/Deluxe Edition of “WL/WH”

Velvets 1

Much coveted 1967 concert joins the seminal 1968 album.

 By Fred Mills

 Pretty much any self-respecting Velvet Underground fan/collector has a copy of the April 10, 1967, live show from the Gymnasium in NYC; a couple of familiar bootleg covers are pictured above and at the bottom.

Now, however, the band’s label Universal is reissuing 1968 sophomore platter White Light/White Heat as either a two-disc and three-disc deluxe edition, and it will include the notorious Gymnasium concert. You can check out Universal’s SoundCloud stream of “Sister Ray,” above, and indeed, it sounds pretty spiffy, although the original bootlegs were never all that shabby in the first place. For the reissue the remastered ’68 album will be additionally bolstered by outtakes and unreleased material, plus fresh liner notes by David Fricke. Better plan to run, run, run to your local record store on Dec. 10.

Velvets 2

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