Upstate NY House For Rent: Some Baggage Involved (Stay Out of the Basement)

Big Pink

God bless VBRO!

By Uncle Blurt

Damn! I just invested in a time-share condo down on the South Carolina coast, mainly ‘cos I wanted to do some golfing (and possibly some go-karting). Had I known about this deal, however, I might have changed my annual vacation plans.

Up in West Saugerties, New York—some of us call it “Woodstock” but let’s not get into semantics—a certain big, pink domicile has come on the vacation rental market for the modest sum of $650 per night (two-night min.). According to VBRO:

“The Dormer has air-conditioning, and views of Overlook Mountain, fields and forest. Outside is the lawn with out-door furniture & original stone fireplace/bbq area nestled beneath the pines. The Dormer can sleep 4, and has WiFi…. [description of each room follows] Note: the Basement is not included in the rental.”

Presumably the basement is where the owner stores his or her own crap, right? Well, maybe… or maybe it’s the fact that the house is known in some quarters as “Big Pink” and that lower level is where fucking Bob Dylan and the Band recorded those Basement Tapes back in the day!?!

Wait a sec – it only sleeps 4?

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