Ugly Beats Prep Next Full-Length

Ugly Beats CD

Austin comes outta the garage…

Following up on 2010’s MOTOR!, Austin’s premiere garage heavyweights the Ugly Beats have committed 12 new songs to wax, Brand New Day. Due June 24, it’s the band’s fourth full-length for venerable garage label Get Hip. The material ranges from the full-tilt rock of Brand New Day and Up on the Sun, to the hook-heavy power pop of I Want That Girl and Gone for Good, to the lush folk-rock of All of the Things, and  Long Row. The band even flexes their country muscle this time around with a over of If I Were a Carpenter and the Bakersfield-meets-Beatles Beataroo. The record boast stellar production by Michael Crow and a great cover by renown Austin pop illustrator M. Guerrero.

The Ugly Beats have been making a glorious, ‘60s garage-fueled racket for a dozen years in their hometown of Austin, and across the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Spain. The band wound the clock all the way back to 1966 before striking their first note in 2003 and have left it there ever since. A force to be reckoned with live, they have also released three full-length albums on Get Hip as well as a handful of singles for different labels in the US and Spain.

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