Uber-rare ‘60s Surf Rock Oddity by The Deadly Ones Reissued


And we are not talking about that OTHER Uber, ya dummy….

By Blurt Staff

Lyft up your hands to the heavens and praise the Tiki gods: an ultra-rare, 1964 surf rock oddity long prized by crate diggers is returning to print for the first time in a half-century. The Deadly Ones’ It’s Monster Surfing Time “melds vintage twang and spacy reverb of classic ‘60s surf rock with the sounds of…monsters surfing!”

Well, all right then, all our fellow famous monsters of Blurt-land!

Concord Music Group (through Vee-Jay Records… you may have heard of ‘em…) is putting the bomp back into the stomp of this out-of-print eBay fodder (think: two-three bills, easy), and why? Because it honkin’ features the classic track “Monster Surfing Time,” which has rightfully assumed its spot in the Surf Rock Canon as one of the most iconic tracks of the genre. You don’t need it to be Halloween to surf, right?

But wait, there’s more, and operators are standing by… Act now, and you can score this special edition pressed on translucent, slime green vinyl! Good god, what would Southern Culture on the Skids’ Rick Miller say! Cowabunga!

Track Listing:

A1. It’s Monster Surfing Time

A2. Outer Limits Surf

A3. There’s a Creature in the Surfer’s Lagoon

A4. Surfin’ Dock Side

A5. The Mad Drummer Part I

A6. The Mad Drummer Part II

B1. Raunchy

B2. Rebel Rouser

B3. The Moonlight Surfer

B4. Help

B5. Igor Goes Surfing

B6. The Lone Surfer


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