U2 Gets Sympathy Vote in Golden Globes “Mandela” Win


Have any of you actually LISTENED to the song?

By Uncle Blurt

I love U2, so don’t get me wrong here; but sometimes you gotta express your devotion with tough love. And among the many, many, man U2 songs on my iPod, one tune that is NOT there is the recent “Ordinary Love” track that the lads from Ireland composed for the Nelson Mandela film. One of my colleagues at BLURT said it best with this review of the RSD Black Friday 10″ single:

“it’s clearly not among U2’s greatest tracks. I mean, it’s s a decent enough piano-powered ballad…  [But] to be honest, the falsetto has never been the kindest vocal format for Bono; while he does muster the requisite sonics, the emotional payoff can be lacking. Here, he pushes his luck a bit, hitting those stratospheric notes a bit too often (the words “we can’t…” turn into a screech; Randy Jackson might charitably call him “pitchy”).The flipside, an updated “Breathe,” seems like a throwaway in the grand tradition of B-side throwaways…”

But of course, we don’t know our head from our arse here at BLURT, right? How else to explain U2’s inexplicable win last night at the Golden Globes (they beat out Coldplay and Taylor Swift, which admittedly isn’t setting a bar very high). Recall that U2 also won in 2003 for “The Hands That Built America” that appeared in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs Of New York. So at least there’s precedent.

But the song still isn’t award-worthy. It’s not even good enough to go on a proper U2 album. But how much do you want to bet the band – or rather, the romanticized “notion” of Mandela – gets another sympathy vote when Oscar time rolls around?

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