Tweedy + Courtney Barnett = David Bowie?


The short answer: Yes. Memo to Jeff Tweedy: Don’t wear that Stetson when you are doing a Bowie song. Just sayin’….

By Uncle Blurt

I grew up on David Bowie; please don’t ask me about that Ziggy hairdo I was rocking circa ’73, particularly given the shiny bowling ball dome I sport nowadays. Still…

In Melbourne last night (March 20), our pals in Tweedy (Wilco’s Jeff, and Jeff’s son Spencer, natch) hooked up with – term used non-sexually, ya perverts! – their guest, Aussie rock/roots maven (and BLURT Artist Of the Year 2015) Courtney Barnett, during encores to co David Bowie’s timeless, and topical, “Queen Bitch.” Courtesy Pitchfork you may check out some clips, should you dare. [Photo Credit:]

Tweedy + Courtney Barnett + Bowie. ⭐️⚡️#tweedy #courtneybarnett #bowie #wilco #melbournerecitalcentre #mrc

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