Turntable.fm Wants to Sell You “Premium Level” Pink Stickers


Accumulate those ever-valuable “chat stickers” and impress your friends…

 By Uncle Blurt

Remember Turntable.fm, that social media platform that allowed you to be a “virtual DJ” and earn brownie points from listeners who dug your digital skillz? Yeah, me neither… that’s like, sooo last year. As Billboard notes, “When it first launched, praise was universal, and Billboard named Turntable.fm the top music startup of 2011. But the momentum didn’t last and the service was being called a fad before 2011 even finished. Google search activity in the United States shows interest in Turntable.fm was 20 times greater in July 2011 than in June 2013.”

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Billboard additionally explains, the service has just launched Turntable Gold, a so-called “premium” level aimed at monetizing the business:

“Turntable Gold is unique in that music fans are charged for virtual goods rather than access to music. Gold members get to insert ‘chat stickers,’ such as icons like a pink heart, and animated GIFs into chat. Premium avatars have animation when the Gold member is DJ’ing. Paying members also get exclusive laptop stickers.”

Hey, who WOULDN’T want a cute little pink heart sticker! You could affix it to your My Little Pony or unicorn avatar! Let’s get this virtual party started!


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