Tucson Musicians Mount Benefit w/Rainer Ptacek Trib LP

Rainer Ptacek bw

Digital album features Gabriel Sullivan, Calexico, Billy Sed, Howe Gelb and other Old Pueblo notables.

By Fred Mills

It seems like a pretty solid way to start off the new year: cough up a mere 10 bucks that’ll go to a good cause and get an exclusive digital compilation of previously unreleased material. The compilation in question? The Lily LP: A Tribute to Rainer Ptacek, with the proceeds going to the late Tucson guitar virtuoso’s daughter Lily’s college fund. The album is available at Rainer’s Bandcamp page.

The project was unveiled a little over a month ago, and response has reportedly been outstanding to date; since it’s not a crowdfunding item, there’s no minimum “goal” that must be hit, your contribution not going into escrow but instead going directly into Lily’s fund.

Regular readers of BLURT will probably recall that we’ve frequently covered the Tucson music scene over the years, yours truly in particular (as an ex-pat of the Old Pueblo) writing at length about Rainer, who passed away from cancer in November of ’97. That same year, prior to his death, an all-star tribute to Rainer, The Inner Flame, was released featuring everyone from Robert Plant & Jimmy Page and Emmylou Harris to Victoria Williams and Giant Sand; an expanded edition appeared in 2012 with Rainer fans like PJ Harvey, Chuck Prophet and Jonathan Richman weighing in. But while The Lily Album may lack the international wattage of its predecessor trib, the contributors, all from Tucson or with deep Tucson connections, are no shrinking musical violets by any stretch of the imagination.

The full list of performers is below – so consider this a BLURT endorsement of the tribute and the beneficiary. We rarely, if ever, give a thumbs-up to a trib, so again, regular readers will no doubt take note of the significance.

1. THE SPARK OF YOU AND ME- Gabriel Sullivan
All recording, vocals and instruments by Gabriel Sullivan.
A Gabriel Sullivan song.

2. MIA- Tasha Bundy

3. UNTITLED – Calexico
Joey Burns- Banjo
John Convertino- Drums
Ryan Alfred- Guitar
A Calexico song

4. HERE I AM – Billy Sedlmayr
Billy Sedlmayr- Vocals
Gabriel Sullivan- Guitar and Production
Conor Gallaher- Slide Guitar
Thoger T. Lund- Bass Guitar
Tom Walbank- Harmonica
Jack Sturbis-Drums
Jim Waters- Recording
Craig Schumacher- Mixing
A Rainer Ptacek song/ Mush Mouth Music

5. LADY DAY- Tom Walbank
Tom Walbank- Vocals, Guitar, harmonica, melodica and recording
A Tom Walbank song

Brian Lopez- Vocals and guitar
Conor Gallaher-Guitar
Sean Rogers- Bass
Vicki Brown- Violin
Mona Chambers- Cello and backing vocals
Jack Sturbis- Drums
A Brian Lopez song

7. DON’T KNOW WHY- Roman Barten Sherman
Roman Barten Sherman- Vocals and Resonator Guitar
Thoger T. Lund- Upright Bass
Rudy Ptacek- Drums
David Sherman- Recording
A Rainer Ptacek song/ Mush Mouth Music

8. HOME- Naim Amor
Naim Amor- Vocals, all instruments, recording, mix and mastering
A Naim Amor song

9. RIPPLE EFFECT- Howe Gelb and Kidd Squidd
Howe Gelb and Kidd Squidd- Vocals
Tom Walbank- Resonator guitar
David Sherman- Recording

10. TUCSON WALTZ- Joey Burns and Tom Walbank
Joey Burns- Nylon string guitar
Tom Walbank- Dobro, recording and harmonica

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