Trump Campaigns Today in Michigan w/Ted Nugent


Words sometimes fail us… but not for Ted!

By Uncle Blurt

According to the Detroit News: “Donald Trump plans to campaign in Michigan in each of the final two days of the presidential election, starting with a rally Sunday evening at the Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Sterling Heights and concluding with a late Monday night rally in Grand Rapids….Trump’s campaign on Saturday scheduled a 6 p.m. rally Sunday at the outdoor concert venue in Sterling Heights. Doors open at 3 p.m. and free tickets can be reserved on the Trump campaign website. Rocker Ted Nugent will join Trump at the event.”

Er, yeah. Sharp eyed Blurt readers will recall the exclusive interview the Motor City Madman did with us awhile back. Talking to Lee Zimmerman, Nugent offered a number of bon mots, including the following. They speak for themselves…

Political correctness is a lie. It’s just the cult of dishonesty. One and one are always going to make two, no matter how many people are offended by the number two. And that’s really how simple and stupid and pathetic political correctness is, so I dance on its skull on an hourly basis and it’s a joy for me.

[Obama is] a subhuman mongrel. That was in response to his daily violations of constitutionality and his oath to the office…his present hatred for America and freedom and our way of life. The guy was raised by communists. He was tutored by communists. Who doesn’t know where this guy came from?

I see no color. I see no ethnicity. I don’t know what your ethnicity is and there’s nothing in life I could care less about than someone’s religion or color or way of life choices, or gender alignment.

Hitler forced [the Jews] into victimization. By disarming them. How could a Jew or anyone not know that the battle cry of freedom, to save our Jewish friends is “Never again!” And what does “never again” mean? It means that we will never again let anyone disarm people and take control and then send us to the gas chambers.

I think Trump and Cruz are great men. I’m not picking an individual at this time. I speak to them and their camps on a regular basis and I have declined to endorse either. But quite honestly, it’s anybody but a Democrat. Those two frontrunners — Ted Cruz, a great man, and Donald Trump, a great man — neither are perfect, but compared to Hilary and Bernie, they’re almost like archangels.

If you’re going to attribute some nasty, hateful thing to me, at least make it believable. You can tell I’m chuckling throughout these things because on a personal level it doesn’t faze me a bit, but what does breaks my heart to the core is that those are fellow Americans making up the nastiest, cruelest,  hateful lies about another American. Again, not that it hurts me, but I’m hurt that that kind of conduct goes on.

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