Trove of Unreleased Velvet Underground Tunes Unearthed


Popular culture website gets bragging rights, too.

By Amy Dallesandro

A 20-song collection of previously unreleased – and apparently unheard by anyone, not even the most staunchest and veteran collectors – Velvet Underground songs turned up this week in the “hands” of a culture website, instantly sending shivers of delight through the VU fan community. Noted collector and author of The Velvet Underground Handbook M.C. Kostek, upon being told of the find, commented, “This is incredible. Only a couple of the songs here were even rumored to exist, while most of them are new even to me and my fellow collector, Penn Gillette.”

Indeed, songs like the midtempo “Trust a Cousin With Your Troubles” (which could be an early template for Lou Reed solo track “Perfect Day”), scuzz-rocker/junkie lament “I’m In Love With a Trashcan” and patented VU drone-choogler “Aphrodite’s Leash” may have familiar overtones, but taken as a whole they represent an unprecedented fresh wrinkle in the ongoing Velvets saga.

Go HERE to read the original report on the songs, where you can also take a test to determine your VU knowledge. And go HERE to listen to a stream of “I’m In Love With a Trashcan.”


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