Train’s Pat Monahan to Front Led Zep?!?


Could the timing of this headline be any better?

 By Uncle Blurt

Okay, okay… yeah, just fishing for eyeballs. It’s a fantasy floated by industry pundit Bob Lefsetz. But you gotta admit that headline above made you click through to the news article. Led Zep’s in the news every day, so you can’t blame Lef for trolling for eyeballs himself, particularly since Robert Plant has firmly nixed the idea of an actual Zeppelin reunion.

Here’s part of his most recent “Lefsetz Letter” blog post, and you can click through that link to read the whole thing… Oh, and below, also check out the video clip of Pat going all Zep on your ass.

The guy from Train.

 Did you listen to his vocals on the Gregg Allman tribute album?

 Deep and resonant, perfectly suited for Jimmy’s work. Furthermore, Pat’s got a history of singing Zeppelin stuff, does it in concert, most famously “Ramble On.”

 And the truth is even if Plant went out, he can’t hit the notes. His voice has changed. And Queen keeps going out with different singers to huge demand.

 But they call it Queen, and Freddie Mercury was the star.

 But Jimmy Page was always as big as Robert Plant. Everybody knew it was Pagey’s band.

 So how ’bout it Jimmy?

 Don’t say you tried this once before, with the Black Crowes. Timing is everything, in music as it is in tech. And you were just too early….

 But now, with Arnel Pineda successfully fronting Journey, and Pat Monahan already having a name, the audience is ready to be dazed and confused.

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