Track Premiere: Viv and the Sect “Bleserone”

VATS - Cover

Straight outta Nuggetsville: Mexican garage rockers’ debut album drops late next month via Get Hip.

By Blurt Staff

If some culturally tone-deaf clods get their way, come November there will be a big wall built around Mexico, and it’ll be up to us music lovers to start digging tunnels—otherwise we won’t be privy to the fiery likes of Mexico City’s Viv & the Sect. Starting out as a trio in 2012, the now-quartet has their ‘60s psych, garage, folk-rock and R&B down, folks, as this exclusive track from their upcoming album This Will Pass ably demonstrates. Check out “Bleserone”:

Due Sept. 30 by, you guessed it, eminent garage label Get Hip, This Will Pass is perfectly described as having a “raw, edgy, dark sound” with an intensity in the songs hearkening back to the ‘60s punk/garage outfits of the Back From the Grave and Teenage Shutdown compilations. It was produced in Mexico by Hugo Quezada (Robota). The group has also been compared to the like of such ‘60s West Coast icons as Love, the Music Machine and Electric Prunes. With the assistance of Get Hip mainman and Cynics guitarist Gregg Kostelich (the band has also toured with the Cynics), plus mastering from the mighty Jim Diamond, Viv and the Sect have got a full length debut worthy of being talked about alongside those names.

Did someone say wax? The rec’s limited to 500 copies, with 150 on opaque yellow vinyl, 150 on opaque violet, and 200 on black, jack.


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