Track Premiere: Vintage (1988) Posies Demo

Posies Press Photo b#788F89

For a band destined for “Failure” they sure sounded like winners… Above: back in the day.

By Blurt Staff

Back in 1988, Seattle popsters The Posies recorded their initial batch of tunes, dubbed ‘em to cassette, and passed ‘em around to sympathetic friends, fans and journalists. Soon enough, the album they called Failure made it to record courtesy the local PopLlama label, and the stirrings of greatness were in motion. The band, powered by the songwriting duo of Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow, continues to this day (they are also acclaimed as respected solo artists as well as the latterday incarnation of Big Star), and now they’ve hooked up with reissue specialists Omnivore to re-release it in expanded format on CD and colored vinyl.

We’re very honored to be able to unveil for you one of the new edition’s bonus tracks, a demo of the song “Paint Me.” Check it out:

Notes Auer, “Failure wasn’t created with the knowledge or even the hope that it would get us as far as it eventually did. We were just two teenage musicians who wanted to make a record the way we wanted to hear it at the time and we went for it with the tools and abilities at hand. It was the definition of DIY, literally . . . no outside influence or pressure, straight from us to any potential listener, from the recording and production down to the hand-dubbed cassettes we consigned (remember consignment anyone?) at local record stores out of our backpacks 10 or 20 at a time.”

Minus 5/Baseball Project mainman Scott McCaughey, who was at the PopLlama label at the time of Failure, adds. “Failure still amazes me today — its freshness undiminished by anything recorded before or since… The feeling I get [is] of two people creating a complete, coherent work, for the first time, with such exuberance and wonder, and really just doing it for themselves. Most bands only get to make one record like that; then come managers, contracts, lawyers, accountants, tour budgets, mountains of cocaine, brown cheeses and Bordeaux, pressure, expectations. That The Posies handled subsequent success with a minimum of fisticuffs and still harmonize like famous brothers all these years later is a beautiful thing.”

A beautiful thing indeed. Failure will drop on August 19 – see the tracklist, below, along with the video trailer – and the band will also be touring behind the reissue.

Track List:
Blind Eyes Open
The Longest Line
Under Easy
Like Me Too
I May Hate You Sometimes
Ironing Tuesday
Paint Me
Believe in Something Other (Than Yourself)
At Least for Now
What Little Remains

Bonus Tracks:
Believe in Something Other 
(Than Yourself) (Live)
I May Hate You Sometimes (Demo)
Paint Me (Demo)
Like Me Too (Demo
Alison Hubbard (Instrumental)
After Many a Summer Dies the Swan (Instrumental)
Blind Eyes Open (Instrumental Demo)
At Least for Now (Instrumental Demo)

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