Track Premiere: Tune from Steve Wynn’s “Sketches In Spain” Album

Steve Wynn

Guarantee: most lyrics sung in English. All guitars tuned to Spanish Standard Time…

By Blurt Staff

As we are pretty damned hardcore Steve Wynn fans here at the BLURT compound – that would include anything he’s done solo, or with Dream Syndicate, Miracle 3, Gutterball, the Baseball Project et al – it is with great pride and pleasure to be able to serve up a fresh track from the man. Titled “I’m Not Listening,” it’s taken from his new Sketches In Spain full-length, and yes, that’s a pretty obvious reference, both in the album title and the sleeve art. (Think about it.) The record’s just out on Omnivore. Check out the tune:

Wynn explained the genesis of the song, telling us, “All songs have their time and place. I wrote and demoed this song for the “My Midnight” album in 1998. And then I ended up releasing the song on the Spanish-only release of the Smack Dab album in 2007.  Now, 16 years after it’s inception, ‘I‘m Not Listening’ is ready for its U.S. close up on the Sketches In Spain collection that Omnivore Recordings just put out. The time is now. Dig!”

Dig, indeed. Incidentally, we are also looking forward to seeing SW when the Baseball Project hits town; watch the BLURT homepage later this week for an appreciation of the group, which on the current tour includes Wynn’s BBP partner-in-crime Scott McCaughey, Linda Pitmon, Mike Mills and Josh Kantor. Meanwhile, go HERE on the site to read an interview with Wynn from a few years ago.

Photo credit: Guy Kokken


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