Track Premiere: The Suneaters

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Ace new album arrives in two weeks.

By Blurt Staff

They’re called the Suneaters, and the Kansas City, MO, band somehow occupies “that long sought after territory between Hall & Oates and Thin Lizzy.” Well, all right then! The boys are back in town, and they’ve got some serious soul. It’s that improbable sonic mashup that drew your BLURT braintrust to the band, and now we’ve got a track to share that we trust will draw in the BLURT readership as well. Check out “Help,” from the upcoming Suneaters II: Loving Relationship (due June 1 from their own Lotuspool label):

The details: The aforementioned album is a collection of earnest and sometimes caustic love songs. “Hey Bros!”, a bromance with a healthy dose of Satanic curiosity, resides amongst a pleasantly odd mix of playful and darkly passionate songs. While primarily drawing inspiration from Graham Nash’s “Songs for Beginners” and George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”, elements of Bread, America, The Cars, Steely Dan, Slayer, Minutemen, INXS, Katy Perry, Lungfish, Liars, Al Green, Off!, Smog, and X frequently creep into their creative soup.

The band: Bassist/vocalist/Dadaist Scott Hartley, guitarist/vocalist Chris Garibaldi, progressive landscaper/vocalist/drummer Chris Cardwell and music educator/guitarist, Michael Judd.

The BLURT verdict: Two thumbs definitely up. Plus, every band should have a music educator and a progressive landscaper in the lineup, eh?

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