Track Premiere: Temperance League “Long Shot”


Tarheel rockers continue to up their game on new just-released album.

By Blurt Staff

A little over a year and a half ago we published a review of Charlotte, NC, combo Temperance League’s The Night Waits LP, predicting that the Mitch Easter-produced record should “be the one to extend the group’s reputation across the country and beyond…. the basic sound remains gutsy, melodic, heartland rock—but they have clearly upped their songwriting and arranging games.” The artistic evolution now continues with the just-released Day of the Dove (Like Wow! Records), and we’re honored to premiere key track “Long Shot” for the BLURT readership:

“Long Shot” can be streamed from your handy mobile device, although considering that the album is pressed on gorgeous white vinyl, even the most cursory fan will want to OWN the physical artifact. And indeed, it’s a staggeringly fine album at that, produced like its predecessor by Easter and boasting the type of anthemic, lyrically probing tunes that we fans have come to expect from the group. With singer Bruce Hazel’s impassioned vocals at the fore, the group unleashes hook after hook atop a propulsive rhythm section that fairly defies listeners to not be in constant motion.

As Charlotte Viewpoint magazine noted, in a recent review of the album, Heading toward the back end of their first decade together, the band’s songs seem tighter, their hooks bigger, their steps surer than at any point previously—you sense that Temperance League keeps finding new ways of reaching that sweet spot so many bands waste on their youth.”


Amen to that. Watch for the BLURT review soon, and in the meantime, you can keep an eye on the group at their Bandcamp page (nab the vinyl, natch, although the record is also available digitally), at Amazon (where you can also get it digitally or as on-demand CDR) and Facebook page.

Go HERE to read our 2013 interview with Hazel and guitarist Shawn Lynch.

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