Track Premiere: Sunshine & the Rain “Let’s Go”

Ace track culled from forthcoming album on the Ernest Jenning Record Company label—a TMOQ, natch.

By Blurt Staff

Sunshine & The Rain — husband and wife team Ashley Morey (vocals, bass) and Justin Morey (guitar), both formerly of critically acclaimed psych rockers The Black Hollies — formed around the same time as the 2014 dissolution of their former band, subsequently releasing the single “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” b/w “Pale Blue Skies” in late 2015. Now their debut full-length, In The Darkness Of My Night, is set to drop May 12 via the Ernest Jenning Record Company, and we are hereby authorized to give you, the gentle BLURT readership, an advance look (listen). Check out “Let’s Go”:

Thoughts, readers? How about “garage-punk with the four-on-the-floor drive of the Ramones, but cut with the grit of Big Black, the snarl of Joan Jett and the melodic sensibility of the Shirelles. Throw in some Jesus & Mary Chain and you’re almost there.”

Well, alright then! About the album:

In early 2016 the band headed into Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon West studio with Jon Spencer to begin work on the album. Eschewing some of the lengthier psych leanings of their earliest days, Spencer coaxed the band towards a more immediate sound, cutting down track lengths and, according to the band, “leaving nothing but pointed pop gems with sugary hooks and a dirty Ramones grit cutting throughout.”

Among those “pop gems”: a Fugazi cover—yes, you read that correctly—in which the Moreys turn “Merchandise” into a personal statement.

On the web for tour dates and more:

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